Helping customers avoid service interruption

Know your customer (KYC) information requests are essential to keeping the Transfer Galaxy platform safe. I led the redesign of the information request customer dashboard to help customers complete these requests so they can continue to send money without interruption.

My Role
  • Product Design
  • Visual Design
  • Transfer Galaxy
  • Spring 2021
  • Joakim Nemback, UX Designer
  • Rosa Vieira de Almeida, Content Lead
Information request dashboard on desktop and mobile web
The responsive information request dashboard enables customers to manage their open KYC requests.

In order to keep customers safe, Transfer Galaxy occasionally needs customers to submit sensitive documents. Customers who do not complete these requests could have their ability to send money affected. To prevent service interruption for our customers, we asked ourselves:

How might we bring transparency into the KYC information request process to prevent interruption of service?

Customer insights

  1. Customers do not always understand that not completing a request on time could lead to a service interruption.
  2. Customers are unsure why their information is necessary, and therefore apprehensive about completing a request.
  3. Customers want to track the progress of open requests.
Diagram of the old information request process Diagram of the new information request process
Before & After The new information request dashboard consolidates the requests and all related follow-ups into one interface.

Communicating account impact

The new card design gives customers an overview of what information they need to send and clearly states how their account will be impacted if they do not complete the request, whether that means blocking transfers to a specific recipient or not being able to send money at all.

Customers can track their outstanding information requests
Customers can now track their progress and see exactly what information they still need to send to complete the request.
Iterations of card designs
The card designs needed to strike the right balance of showing just enough information without overwhelming the customer.

Easing cognitive load through content hierarchy

Together with the content lead, I refined the design of each document request page. We shifted the focus from the overall information request process to the current step in the flow. The new bottom navigation also keeps next steps accessible and within thumb’s reach.

Original document submission page Redesigned document submission page
Before & After The new design also leverages design elements from the mobile app to create consistency across the product.

Consolidating follow-ups into one interface

One of the primary pain points that our customers were experiencing was that follow-ups to requests lived outside the web dashboard on a third-party support system. The new design ditches the third-party app for an all-in-one dashboard solution, giving customers the context they need in one interface.

With on document follow-up notes, customers now have context for which documents they need to clarify and what they’ve already submitted.
Iterations for replying to a follow-up note
Due to the nature of KYC requests, it was important that admins could open up a dialog with customers and guide them through the compliance process.

Setting expectations for next steps

Information requests are handled by our KYC team which is a separate unit from general customer support. To reduce customer calls to the wrong support team, the success screens were redesigned to help customers understand what happens next in the process.

Success screen for completing all requests
Success screen for completing one request of many
Success screen for starting a request
Success screens were used as entry points to other flows including sending money or completing another open request.

Measures for success

We launched the new information request dashboard in April 2021. We hope to see an increase in completed requests and a drop off in information request related customers support calls as indicators of a sucessful launch.

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